Who am I? I am just a creator of this blog who spits nothing but Anime, Jpop, Stuffs and even is a Gamer.

The creator of this blog loves anime. he likes Comedy, Romance, Action, School, Slice of Life, Drama and most of all Harem and Ecchi. The first Anime he watch is To-Love-Ru of course its Harem and Ecchi and that is the beginning of the Anime Adventure.

to love.png

The Creator is a fan of Japanese pop too. He likes GEM because of their music. GEM is a Idol Group and his favorite member is Takeda Maaya but sadly Maaya has taken a Hiatus and she is not in the photo. 😦 The photo below is the group called GEM


The Creator likes Japanese Rock band too. he likes One ok Rock which his classmate introduced this band. he begins to like it to because of combination of English and Japanese Language.

One OK Rock Halo Header.fw_.png

The Creator too likes playing games like DotA 2. his first game is DotA 2 that’s why its his favorite game.


His favorite heroes are :

Shadow Fiend






Storm Spirit








The creator plays League of Legends too.



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