Help your Son/Daughter

If a parent suspects–or they know–that their child is a victim of a bully, or if they are bullying other kids, they need information. They need to be able to share knowledge with their kids that they can use to combat the problem.

There are so many bullying scenarios that it can be hard for a parent to recognize when it’s happening. From schoolyard intimidation to violence to name calling to sexual harassment to cyber bullying, parents and kids need to be able to distinguish normal teasing from actual bullying. Whether your child is a victim of a bully, or whether you suspect your child is the bully, or whether you just want to keep informed on the topic, arming yourself with knowledge is a great tactic for all parents. Below is just a sample of some of the resources out there that can help parents learn more about bullying and how to deal with it.

The key to helping kids deal with difficult topics is not to overwhelm them with the frightening, negative statistics and stories, but to instead focus on the hope. Share success stories that empower victims, and that show how other kids have overcome difficult situations like theirs.



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